Sherry Ezhuthachan

Leadership Coach

Sherry Ezhuthachan is a CTI trained coach (CTI & ICF certification anticipated in September 2020). She coaches women and BIPOC that are visioning and birthing a new world. Sherry’s practice is grounded in the belief that authentic self-expression is the source of powerful leadership and innovation. She encourages her clients to rely deeply upon the wisdom in their bodies and move ever-closer to their growth edge. Sherry’s coaching holds an intersectional lens that acknowledges how systemic oppression shows up in each of us. Her work is centered on seeing through these inner and outer layers of judgement to have greater access to your inherent worth and knowing. She believes that pursuing our dreams from abundance is a joyful act of resistance and liberation.

Sherry began her career as an electrical engineer and project manager. On her own path to clarity, Sherry re-aligned her career path to her desire for impact. As a ProInspire Fellow, she moved to non-profit program and partnership management. Throughout her career, no matter the industry, she realized that change was impeded by our thoughts, emotions, and relationships. This brought her into coaching, to help individuals and organizations find improved self-awareness, self-leadership, and team dynamics.

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