Becoming A More Effective Leader: Results from ProInspire’s Managing for Success


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Becoming A More Effective Leader: Results from ProInspire’s Managing for Success

ProInspire’s Managing for Success pilot shows increased confidence and effectiveness for nonprofit managers

WASHINGTON, DC – ProInspire’s new infographic highlights the demand for training to support early- to mid-career nonprofit professionals and results from the pilot Managing for Success program. Managing for Success (M4S) is a six-month professional development program aimed at nonprofit managers with less than five years of management experience. ProInspire’s pilot program provides tools and peer support around four key areas: Managing Self, Managing with Others, Managing for Results, and Managing Teams. The M4S program originated after a ProInspire survey revealed that over 50% of nonprofit managers felt they did not have the knowledge, experience, and resources to be successful, and 96% indicated an interest in receiving leadership or managerial training. To further support the need and impact of Managing for Success, Justin Steele, Deputy Director, Year Up – National Capital Region, shares “One of the most significant barriers we face to high performance is a critical mass of skilled managers. We have struggled as an organization to find top quality management training for our emerging leaders, and we were lucky enough to send three of our managers to Managing for Success. The training opened the eyes of our managers to important skills that have empowered them to serve students and staff better.” ProInspire surveyed Management Fellows before and after the pilot program. Results reveal several key dimensions of increased confidence and effectiveness as a manager:

  • Effectiveness as a manager: 45% –> 77%
  • Effective communication with direct reports: 66% –> 94%
  • Confidence in empowering direct reports: 60% –> 85%
  • Strong relationships with senior leaders: 82% –> 100%

In addition, 92% of Management Fellows would recommend the program to a peer. ProInspire plans to expand M4S in 2014 with programs in Washington D.C. and the San Francisco Bay Area. “Managing for Success shows us that the nonprofit sector has very talented managers who are eager to become more effective in managing people and projects,” said Monisha Kapila, Founder and CEO of ProInspire. “From Program Managers to Development Managers to IT Managers, we saw Management Fellows struggling with similar challenges. Providing them concrete tools, best practices, and opportunities to learn from each other shifted their understanding of how to be a better manager and leader to drive social impact.”

About ProInspire Founded in 2009, ProInspire is a nonprofit dedicated to developing leaders and catalyzing outstanding performance within the social sector. ProInspire recruits and trains young professionals to achieve their potential for social impact. The organization’s flagship program, the ProInspire Fellowship, offers exceptional young business professionals a one-year Fellowship at a leading nonprofit, along with training, coaching, and career support. ProInspire’s Managing for Success program provides high quality professional development for early- to mid-career nonprofit managers through a cohort program designed to sharpen managerial skills and enhance effectiveness in a leadership role. ProInspire has offices in Washington DC and the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information about ProInspire, including information on 2014 programs, please visit

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