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Activating leaders at all levels to accelerate equity at the individual, organizational and systems levels

A Decade in the Making Blog Series: ProInspire’s Lessons on Leadership and Equity

This series isn’t a traditional report of impact with quick facts and quantitative data; it is the story of what we have learned in our first ten years and a dedication to work towards our vision of an equitable and just society.  We hope that in sharing what we have learned, other individuals and organizations can see themselves in our successes and challenges — and gather ideas to inform their work moving forward.

Reimagine Leadership: ProInspire’s Work & Impact

Since 2009, ProInspire has engaged with over 3,000 leaders at all levels across the social sector as we work towards our vision of a more equitable and just society. Recognizing that leadership and equity are the key to the systems change needed to realize this vision, we strive to impact change at the individual, organizational, and systems levels through our partnerships, programs, and sector-wide convenings and initiatives.

While we bring our knowledge and expertise to this work, it is only through our partnerships and the collective wisdom and actions of our community that we can achieve our mission and realize our shared vision. We are grateful for the leaders and organizations who have partnered with us.

You can learn more about our work and our impact below in the video, infographics, and reports.  

10 Years of ProInspire

Explore our recent reports of impact:

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