Support Individuals

Change begins within individuals. Our open-enrollment programs provide a space for professional growth and help leaders at all levels build skills, tools, and mindsets to accelerate equity and leadership.

Supporting BIPOC Senior Leaders and Executives

The Catalyst Collective is a community of practice designed to support BIPOC leaders as they navigate the professional and structural challenges that leading nonprofit organizations often create. Our community of practice prioritizes holistic well-being, shifting organizational culture, and sustaina…

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Coaching for Impact

Our new program to connect individuals with experienced leadership coaches for an executive coaching engagement…

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ProInspire Leadership Institute

Three-day workshop for people and project managers that will deepen your race equity awareness and analysis with practical tools and strategies …

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ProInspire Network

Community of leaders passionate about professional development and impact…

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Strengthen Organizations

We support organizations to advance their race equity journey, build inclusive leadership practices, and strengthen leaders at all levels to accelerate equity.

Custom Work with Nonprofits and Social Impact Organizations

We facilitate workshops, retreats, coaching programs focused on accelerating leadership and equity…

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Custom Work with Foundations, Networks, and Associations

We build programs in partnership with foundations to support grantees in accelerating leadership and equity…

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Influence and Equip the Sector

Systems change is key to achieving our mission. We influence the social sector through research, writing, and convening.

Research and Resources

From primary research to a curated collection of articles, our interactive database is a valuable tool to accelerate equity and leadership in the sector.…

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Self to Systems: Leading for Race Equity Impact

This Leadership Model is a tool to support individuals and organizations with core commitments, corresponding practices, and reflection questions that can create and sustain racially equitable experiences and outcomes within the social sector. It is based on ProInspire’s collective experience, res…

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