Custom Work with Foundations, Networks, and Associations

We partner with foundations, networks, and associations to design and deliver custom programs tailored to specific organizational needs, learning goals, and budgets.

ProInspire has been a terrific partner in developing and delivering seven Kresge-sponsored programs for grantees in different cities around the country. We enjoyed working with their top-notch staff and facilitators, and received very positive feedback from our grantees about the value of the knowledge and skills they gained by participating in the ProInspire Leadership Institute.”

Caroline Altman Smith, Program Officer, Kresge Foundation


We work with foundations, networks, and associations to design and deliver communities of practice, cohorts, and fellowship programs for individuals or teams to advance equity through leadership. These programs leverage ProInspire’s existing, proven curriculum and can be customized to meet a wide range of needs.

We design our programs with the understanding that learning happens through experiences that expand knowledge, shift thinking, and provide an opportunity to practice.  Programs incorporate multiple modes of learning and can include virtual, full-day, or multi-day workshops or retreats, webinars, assessments, and coaching. In addition to designing and facilitating the program, ProInspire can manage the logistics, communications, and evaluation processes.

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What Does a Community of Practice Look Like?

A Community of Practice convenes social sector leaders in an enriching learning community, with benefits for the individual members, the collective, as well as the organizations and communities they serve. 

Community of Practice members share an essential context or experience in common.  ProInspire has designed communities of practice for:

  • BIPOC Executives
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Leadership Teams
  • Board and Staff Teams aligning to advance race equity.

Members travel together through a set of sessions facilitated over multiple months (typically ranging from 9-24 months) around topics relevant to that context.  ProInspire designs sessions leveraging practical tools and frameworks from the fields of race equity, leadership development, and movement building.  The discussions allow deep reflection and analysis, while also creating strong bonds among community members.

Many communities of practice include opportunities for individuals/teams to work with a coach as they grow their own leadership and navigate challenges within their organizations. 

Program Design Approach

ElementGoal Considerations
Design for InteractionsDefine program goals, ideally with participant input, and develop the arc of learning based on thatConsider how trainings, assessments, retreats, and coaching can support the goals
Emphasize self-awareness as a core element of advancing leadership and equityInclude time for individuals to explore and share their identities, values, personal mission, and self-care practices
Vary the Modes of LearningDesign the program so that all voices can contribute, and knowledge of the room is upliftedVary activities with individual reflection, small group discussions, and interactive activities
Create CommunityCreate space for people to build relationships, which is frequently the most valuable aspect of any programCreate the conditions for a group to form a community through check-ins, shared agreements, and informal interactions
Commit to Action
Ensure individuals make and share action commitments to support them in moving from learning to actionBuild in time to reflect, set goals, and define timelines

Planning Process

ProInspire collaborates with partners to design communities of practice and cohort programs. The planning process typically involves the following phases:

*Note:  If you are thinking about how our work with nonprofits and social impact organizations could be applied to internal teams, please see our Custom Work with Nonprofits and Social Impact Organizations

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