Custom Work with Nonprofits and Social Impact Organizations

We partner with nonprofits and social impact organizations to design and deliver custom programs tailored to specific organizational needs, learning goals, and budgets.

We greatly benefited from the custom leadership program that ProInspire designed for our organization. Since the training, our managers seem more attuned to the emotional climate within themselves and the organization. I’ve noticed increased productivity in our meetings and an enhanced ability to hold difficult conversations as a result.”

Jo Smith, President & COO, PeerForward


We support organizations on their journeys to advance race equity, build inclusive leadership practices, and support leaders at all levels to accelerate equity. We believe that in order to change systems and advance social impact, we need leadership at all levels to champion equity first.

We also work with foundations, networks, and associations to design and deliver programs to support their grantees or members with advancing race equity and leadership. These programs are typically structured as Communities of Practice, Cohorts, Fellowships, or Training Programs and can be customized to meet a wide range of needs.

Our approach to Strengthen Organizations includes:

  • Understand the organizational context
  • Support individual learning
  • Facilitate interpersonal and organizational work
  • Move from talk to action around race equity and inclusive leadership 

Custom Program Process

Reach out for a consultation so we can learn more about your needs.

*Note:  If you are thinking about how our work with foundations, networks, and associations could be applied to internal teams, please see our Custom Work with Foundations, Networks, and Associations

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