Celebrating Hispanic Heritage: “Where I’m From”


Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15- October 15) honors the cultural traditions and background of those who trace their roots back to Spain, Mexico, and the Spanish-speaking nations of Central America, South America and the Caribbean. 

In celebration, we take a moment to uplift the rich heritage of three members of ProInspire’s community by sharing their rendition of George Ella Lyon’s poem “Where I’m From.”

Dr. Raquel Gutierrez

Raquel is a philanthropic abolitionist and the founder of Blue Agave Partners who proudly serves on ProInspire’s Board of Directors. 

Ethnic Heritage:
Southwest and Northern Mexico

Favorite Form of Self-Care:
Swimming, painting, and spending time in nature

Where I’m From by Dr. Raquel Gutierrez

“I’m from a legacy of women firmly rooted in their power and culture. Who taught me to stand tall, speak my mind, and put my hands to work, creating memory, truth, and art
From warm masa wrapped in corn husks by women’s hands who feel for the raised veins of history as if it was a rosary bead
I am the red dirt and the perfume of creosote after a monsoon rain
From the Opata and Tarahumara who traverse borderless lands for time in memoriam.
I’m born into movement I cannot escape and in my transition, I remain in movement through the lives of those who cross my path
From tired feet, joyful hearts, and steadfast wisdom imagining into reality what could be in these lands we call Turtle Island.”

Trisha Leon-Guerrero

As Founder and CEO of Experiences On Demand, Trisha has helped ProInspire plan and execute staff retreats, trainings and wellness experiences.

Ethnic Heritage:
Colombian – Guamanian 

Favorite Form of Self-Care:
Dancing, Peloton classes, and sleep

Where I’m From by Trisha Leon-Guerrero

“I am from velvet covered handwritten journals filled with decades worth of memories and learnings.
From countless international military travels and marble rosary beads from Sunday Mass.
I am from Bogato and Tamunig, from arroz con pollo shared with a warm bowl of ajiaco and Saturday feasts flavored with Fina’denne’.
I am from family fiestas and gatherings from across the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean made with love from Cubilloses and Leon-Guerreros.”

Ana Rivera

Ana is a Food Justice Advocate and Field Associate for Share our Strength. Ana is also the Co-Chair of the ProInspire Network Leadership Council (PNLC) where she helps lead the engagement of over 1500+ network alumni.

Ethnic Heritage:
Puerto Rican and Salvadorian

Favorite Form of Self-Care:
Going for a walk and exploring new places with her significant other

Where I’m From by Ana Rivera

“I’m from “Ponte las pilas” or as the English translation would say, ‘look alive/get to work!’”
From Tetraciclina to heal wounds in our own home and boxing gloves to defeat our biggest challenges in life
I am from panes de pavo and pernil on Christmas holidays
From the Indigenous Americas and the Caribbean heat carrying the legacy of our ancestors – while also honoring our last names “Rivera” and “Ruano” with the rolling of the Rs.
I am all of these identities in one package – complexities and all. Captured by the quote “No soy de aqui no soy de aya” or ‘I am not from here nor am I from over there.’”

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