Meet the Catalyst Collective


The Catalyst Collective consists of two cohorts of 10 leaders each, drawn from our partnership with Kresge Foundation’s Arts and Culture & Human Services grantees. We are proud of the inaugural members of The ProInspire Catalyst Collective!

We are also excited to announce that The Catalyst Collective Cohort 2 will convene in 2023! Stay tuned to learn more.

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Executive Leaders

You can read Cohort 1’s stories in our new zine, Collective Voices, by clicking the links below. Further down you’ll find photo galleries from our Imagination and Rejuvenation Retreat as well as a Leadership Soundtrack from cohort members.

stephanie mckee

Stephanie McKee  
Junebug Productions
New Orleans, Lousiana

victoria jones

Victoria Jones  
Memphis, Tennessee

eureka gilkey

Eureka Gilkey  
Project Row Houses
Houston, Texas

sarah lockridge-steckel

Sarah Lockridge-Steckel  
The Collective Blueprint
Memphis, Tennessee

gregory mcpherson

Gregory McPherson  
Urban League of Detroit & Southeastern Michigan
Detroit, Michigan

cheryl p johnson

Cheryl P. Johnson  
Coalition on Temporary Shelter
Detroit, Michigan

Lisa Lee

Lisa Lee  
National Public Housing Meseum
Chicago, Illinois

jacqueline goh

Jacqueline Goh  
Center for Employment Opportunities
Los Angeles, California

josh davis

Josh Davis  
Cincinnati, Ohio

asali devan ecclesiastes

Asali DeVan Ecclesiastes  
Ashé Cultural Arts Center,
Efforts of Grace
New Orleans, Louisiana

Michelle Rhone-Collins

Michelle Rhone-Collins  
LIFT, Inc.
Los Angeles, California

Michael O'Bryan

Michael O’Bryan  
Philadelpia, Pennsylvania

Eva Mosby

Eva Mosby  
Urban Strategies, Inc.
Memphis, Tennessee

Rey Faustino

Rey Faustino  
One Degree, Inc.
San Francisco, California

Felipe Pinzon

Felipe Pinzon  
Hispanic Unity of Florida
Hollywood, Florida

Kathy Park

Kathy Park  
Evident Change
Madison, Wisconsin

James Wright

James Wright  
People’s Emergency Center CDC
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Irfana Jetha Noorani

Irfana Jetha Noorani  
11th Street Bridge Park
Washington, D.C.

Erika Gee

Erika Gee  
National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development
Oakland, California

Mauricio Calvo

Mauricio Calvo  
Latino Memphis
Memphis, Tennessee

Imagination and Rejuvenation Retreat

Photos by Frankie James, CEO & Owner, Frankie James Photography, LLC.

ProInspire hosted its inaugural in-person convening in March 2022 in Boarshead, Virginia. This capstone retreat was designed to help senior leaders foster meaningful connections with each other, reflect on their cohort experience, practice prioritizing inner well-being, and imagine changes they’d like to see in their organizations and the sector.

Retreat sessions centered around helping the cohort practice articulating their unique impact and collectively imagine more equitable systems. Through peer coaching and storytelling sessions, they worked to identify changes they’d like to see in the sector and explore how to inspire lasting transformation.

Public Story Session

Wellness and Relaxation

Peer Council Session

The Soundtrack of our Leadership

In celebration of the launch, members of the Catalyst Collective have curated a collection of songs that individually represent their leadership style. Enjoy our tunes at “The Soundtrack of Leadership” below and on Spotify.

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