ProInspire’s New Board Members, Board Officers, and Network Leadership Council


We are excited to welcome new leadership of the ProInspire Board. Isabelle Moses has been elected as Chair, Nancy Withbroe as Vice Chair, and Lance Matthiesen as Treasurer. Thank you to Thomas Nelson, our outgoing Chair, for his leadership over the past two-years. We also welcomed three new Board members – Nada El-Eryan, George Ho, and Sesha Joi Moon – and were happy to have everyone together at a full-day Board Retreat in September.

2019-2020 ProInspire Board of directors

In addition to welcoming new board members, we are also thrilled to announce the new 2019-2020 ProInspire Network Leadership Council (formerly known as the Alumni Council*). Returning Network Leadership Council members Roxy Caines and John Campbell will serve as the 2019-2020 Co-Chairs. Other returning Council members include Isaias Garcia, Christine Lynch, and Raffie Parke. New members of the Council include Chris Campbell, Kristina Gawrgy Campbell, Maggie Goldstein Cooper, Megan Renee Walker Grimaldi, Marie LeBlanc, Griselda Macias, Danielle B. Powell, Ana M. Rivera, Naomi Sosa, and Twana Whitlock. We can’t wait to see how this new talented team will help reimagine leadership and what future events they have in store!

2019- 2020 PROINSPIRE Network Leadership Council

*This Spring the ProInspire staff and the Alumni Council expanded the membership and changed the name from ‘alumni community’ to ProInspire Network: a thriving community of leaders passionate about professional development, ongoing connection, and social impact and changed ‘Alumni Council’ to Network Leadership Council. 

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