Takia Nelson

Program Manager

Takia Nelson is a people gatherer who specializes in managing complex projects with a racial equity lens. She has an expansive career that began in Television production and progressed to philanthropy and nonprofit management. Takia brings a wide range of knowledge in program management, strategic planning, facilitation and visual communication. 

Takia graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Motion Picture Television and Recording Arts. She is a mother, a Minister and wife of a Pastor. She loves teaching youth and traveling to support the work of the ministry.

What is your favorite form of self-care?

Exploring! I love to wander off to experience new things round me. Whether its on a walk, a local book store or even the supermarket.

What is something that you’re learning about? 

I am learning about fermentation. I have tackled yogurt, Kombucha and looking into veggie recipes.

Why do you do what you do?

I was raised by educators and grew up very closely with my maternal grandmother who was also the neighborhhood grandmother. I witnessed women who embodied the term “lift as you grow”. I knew whatever career path I chose, I would strive to make conditions better for the most disenfranchised.

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