Tiffany Quivers

DC Faculty

Tiffany Quivers has over fifteen years experience in training and leadership development. She is an accomplished facilitator and curriculum developer that is known for designing learning experiences that engage learners and lead to new conversations and actions. Tiffany has worked domestically and internationally with organizations to guide and manage change and increase effectiveness. Her experience includes serving as online moderator for Harvard Business Publishing’s Breakthrough Leadership Program, Master trainer for Department of Veterans Affairs Learning University (VALU), designer of multiple policy symposiums for 50CAN, and more. She is skilled in helping people optimize their strengths and in creating high performing organizational cultures. It is sincere passion and desire to see individuals and organizations reach their highest potential that drives her work. Tiffany holds a Bachelors of Science in Marketing from Hampton University and a Masters in Education from Harvard University. Learn more about Tiffany’s background and work here.

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