Valerie D’Costa

Founder, Circle Coaching and Consulting LLC (Circle)

VALERIE D’COSTA is a coach, leader and innovator. Over the past 28 years, she has become recognized for forging partnerships across diverse constituencies, launching and growing international initiatives, and leading high-performing, entrepreneurial teams. She is an effective negotiator and strategist with expertise in using technology for sustainable development and poverty alleviation, and in forging innovative public-private sector technology partnerships. Valerie founded Circle Coaching and Consulting
LLC (Circle) to use her experience as a leader, lawyer, and facilitator to coach CEOs, Boards of Directors, Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers and those transitioning into positions of leadership. She helps leaders increase job satisfaction and resilience; develop an authentic and centered leadership presence; be calm and effective in dynamic work environments; elicit stronger team/Board performance and results; communicate and manage conflict gracefully; balance professional and personal goals; facilitate leadership transitions; and deepen confidence, awareness, and self esteem. Valerie has a special interest in helping high potential women – particularly women of color – become strong, centered leaders who excel at forging connections and producing results.

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