The ProInspire Competency Model for Social Impact

A framework for professional growth that centers equity in leadership at all levels

ProInspire is working to develop and publish a competency model with an equity lens for social sector leaders that:

  • Supports Individuals: Provides a roadmap for nonprofit and philanthropic professionals to guide their own growth
  • Strengthens Organizations: Provides a tool that nonprofits and foundations can use inside their organization
  • Influences the Sector: Highlights that equity competencies are integral to leadership 

Currently we are testing a draft competency model with individuals and organizations. The draft competency model includes 16 competencies across four key areas – Leading Self, Leading People, Leading Organizations, and Leading Systems.

Design Process

The competency model has been designed to be relevant across identities, roles, issue areas, and organizations. It includes a combination of mindsets and skill sets, focusing on behaviors rather than traits, and does not include many functional competencies required for specific fields or roles. Each competency is described at three stages of development: emerging, proficient, and advanced. Our hope is that the current structure of the model makes the content flexible and adaptive to a diverse group of individuals and organizations.

The competency model includes specific examples for how racial equity connects to each competency, as well as how bias can show up in each competency.

Competency Model Updates

Virtual Learning Session

To learn more about how to be involved in the testing of the competency model, please email [email protected].

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