A Summary of ProInspire’s 2019 Impact Call

February 5, 2019

Alumni, partners, program participants, donors, and other members of the ProInspire community joined CEO Monisha Kapila and staff members for our 2019 Impact Call on January 31st. The Impact Call offered a chance to learn more about ProInspire’s updated Theory of Change, 2018 results, 2019 plans and priorities, and ways to support our work in 2019.

2018 highlights included increased program reach and influence; expanded custom programs for nonprofits and foundations; Equity in the Center’s publication and first-ever Summit; and initiatives to strengthen our own organization.

2019 plans align with our revised theory of change and strategies and include:

  • Supporting individuals with leadership development, coaching, and other activities
  • Strengthening nonprofit and philanthropic organizations through custom programs tailored to individual needs
  • Multimedia resources, webinars, and convenings from Equity in the Center to accelerate equity
  • Introduction of ProInspire’s Leadership & Equity Competency Model
  • ProInspire’s 10 Year Anniversary with opportunities to connect, learn, and celebrate

Before closing with questions and discussion from participants, Monisha shared the following ways for our community to support our work in 2019:

  • Spread the word about enrolling in Managing for Success and Coaching for Impact
  • Share resources from Equity in the Center’s Woke@Work site
  • Recommend nonprofit and philanthropic partners for custom programs (workshops, coaching, retreats)
  • Support our fundraising goal through individual gifts and introductions to foundations
  • Help us identify sponsors for our 10 Year Anniversary Summit

You can access the Impact Call webinar recording here, and the Impact Call presentation is available here.

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