A Special Message from the Founder

by Monisha Kapila

February 28, 2023

It is with much pride and happiness that I am announcing my transition from the co-CEO role at the end of 2023.

This weekend marked ProInspire’s 14th anniversary. I still remember the seedling of an idea that formed in 2008 and led me to launch ProInspire on February 26, 2009. ProInspire has transformed during these past 14 years and I have as well. I have grown so much as a founder, a leader, and an individual. Initially, I thought expanding talent pipelines through a fellowship program would address the challenges I had seen in the nonprofit sector. In fact, these last fourteen years have shown me that the problems are not what we see on the surface, but what lies beneath in the systems and structures. As ProInspire has deepened our work around advancing racial equity, we are even clearer that there is more to be done. I am so proud and excited for the transformation and important work that lies ahead for ProInspire.

This transition isn’t a surprise to most – we have been open about succession as a priority since Bianca Anderson and I moved into the co-CEO structure in 2021. It’s important for a founder to know when to step aside, and working closely with Bianca and our team has made me excited for how they will move ProInspire into the next stage of our evolution. I also believe we need to shift from white dominant norms that suggest transitions should be fast and opaque.  At ProInspire, we believe that thoughtfully investing in transitions is critical for organizational resilience and supporting BIPOC leaders. 

So what’s next for me? This summer I will take my second sabbatical as part of our policy to provide all staff members sabbaticals every five years. I want to hold space for the emotional process of letting go, exploring who I am apart from my role at ProInspire, and imagining what is next. Starting in 2024, I will shift to independent consulting, serving as a coach for nonprofit leaders and organizations, and an advisor for ProInspire. 

I am confident about our leadership as we navigate these transitions this year. Bianca, our Board Co-Chairs, and our incredible team have had rich discussions about reimagining leadership at ProInspire and how to engage a new co-CEO. Being a part of this organization over the past 14 years has been the greatest professional experience of my life. I couldn’t be more proud to watch how ProInspire will evolve to meet our country’s most pressing needs toward advancing racial equity and supporting BIPOC leaders.

I hope many of you will join us for our Impact Call on April 5th for a preview of what’s next for ProInspire.  If you are in the Bay Area, join us for a happy hour on Monday, March 20th in Oakland, CA (please RSVP here). Each of you have been an important part of the ProInspire community and influenced my leadership and our collective work.  For this, I am forever grateful.

With care and appreciation,

Founder & co-CEO

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