The Catalyst Collective exists to spark change in a world where 90 percent of nonprofit and philanthropic executive directors or presidents are white. Each day, many Leaders of Color work relentlessly to interrupt the pervasive systemic inequities that disproportionately harm Black and Brown communities. These challenges are often compounded by being “one of a few” leaders of color in a position of authority and the extra sense of responsibility to “not mess up” in white dominant environments.  

To advance race equity, the social sector needs Executives and CEOs of Color to thrive. Investing in the leadership of People of Color is one of the most meaningful ways that foundations and nonprofits can support organizations in their work to advance more equitable outcomes and embody equity internally.  

Through the ProInspire Catalyst Collective, 20 executive leaders will embark on a 12-month journey anchored in self-care, community care and racial equity.

ProInspire’s experience in coaching, developing and supporting Leaders of Color suggests that they face unique and systemic challenges around key areas:

  • prioritizing inner wellbeing
  • shifting organizational culture to be more culturally inclusive
  • generating and accessing resources
  • building sustainable institutions

Social sector organizations must holistically invest in and support the leadership of People of Color because Black Lives Matter. From boardrooms, classrooms and in communities, our lives matter and so does our leadership. 

We live and work within a world that structurally devalues and dehumanizes Black, Indigenous and People of Color physically and psychologically in a multitude of ways. Therefore organizations who are working to create a better world- a world free of systemic racism, must wholeheartedly invest in the well-being and leadership of People of Color who lead nonprofit organizations, this investment is essential if organizations desire to create real structural change.”

Bianca Anderson

Bianca Anderson, Director & Designer

The inaugural Catalyst Collective is a community of practice designed to generate collective power. The key is to focus on the holistic well-being and authentic leadership of nonprofit and philanthropic Leaders of Color as a means to create more equitable outcomes and experiences in the social sector.  

The vision is to create a space where leaders can show up fully and change decision making power within the social sector by bringing the dreams, desires, and self-determination of leaders of color to the forefront. Through virtual convenings and collaboration, The Catalyst Collective will:

  • Create a space to heal by nurturing one’s authentic leadership style and develop practices that support  self-care, community care and relationship building with fellow Senior Leaders. 
  • Shift internal organizational culture in ways that advance race equity in outcomes and experience, while navigating dynamic changes and compounding forms of oppression.
  • Transform the social sector by building financially sustainable institutions and generating collective power that addresses racial inequities within the nonprofit sector. 

Catalyst Collective speaks to my heart because of my own experience and the stories I have heard from so many amazing senior leaders of color. When leaders of color are supported to be in community and to bring their authentic leadership, we can transform our sector and impact in communities.”

Monisha Kapila

Monisha Kapila, Founder & CEO

Members will participate in regular virtual convenings and learning labs and both executive and peer coaching. The Catalyst Collective consists of two cohorts of 10 leaders each, drawn from our partnership with Kresge Foundation’s Arts & Culture and Human Services grantees. Please join us in welcoming the inaugural members of The ProInspire Catalyst Collective!

In celebration of the launch, members of the Catalyst Collective have curated a collection of songs that individually represent their leadership style. Enjoy our tunes at “The Soundtrack of Leadership” below and on Spotify.

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