Looking Ahead: An Update on ProInspire’s Strategic Plan


Monisha Kapila-headshotBy Monisha Kapila

I am happy to share an update on ProInspire’s strategic plan as we prepare for 20 18-2019. This update includes exciting plans to launch new programs, and our decision to sunset the ProInspire Fellowship in 2018.

As a quick review, in Fall 2017 our Board approved ProInspire’s Bold Goal for impact: Social sector organizations have high performing leaders at all levels in order to fulfill their missions.
We will achieve this goal through three key strategies:
Strategy 1: Develop leaders with the mindsets, skills, and tools needed to drive results
Strategy 2: Create pathways for leaders at all levels to achieve their potential
Strategy 3: Influence the sector to prioritize talent, equity, and inclusion

Over the past year, we moved towards the Bold Goal with activities that were already in progress, including the launch of new programs (ProInspire Fellowship in Digital Finance and Equity in the Center), and a deeper focus on racial equity across our organization. Additionally, a committee of Board and staff members spent the past year developing a strategic plan for Bold Goal implementation, focused on understanding external trends, evaluating our product mix, and developing a clear fundraising strategy.

Key Activities to Advance the Bold Goal
After careful analysis, ProInspire has identified the following key activities to advance our strategies in pursuit of the Bold Goal in 2018:

  1. Pursue custom leadership development programs with foundations and nonprofit partners
  2. Develop a diversity, inclusion, and equity-focused leadership program
  3. Sunset the ProInspire Fellowship program (read more about this decision here)
  4. Test new approaches to Career Pathways through Impact Accelerator and other pilots
  5. Expand influence work through Equity in the Center and thought leadership

We will share more about these strategies as we implement them in pursuit of our Bold Goal. I value your engagement in the ProInspire community, so please reach out to me if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns.

Monisha Kapila is the Founder and CEO of ProInspire.

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