Our Team


Monisha Kapila Monisha Kapila
Founder and CEO; Board Secretary
Paul Collier Paul Collier
Data Systems & Technology Advisor
Ericka Hines Ericka Hines
Senior Advisor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Kate Loving Kate Loving
Senior Associate, Communications
Kristen Lucas Kristen Lucas
Director, Leadership Development Programs
Martha Searby Martha Searby
Communications Advisor
Kerrien Suarez Kerrien Suarez
Executive Director, Equity in the Center


Tiffany Quivers Tiffany Quivers
DC Faculty
Sandy Stonesifer Sandy Stonesifer
DC Faculty
Jen Lachman Jen Lachman
DC Faculty
Tamika Mason Tamika Mason
DC Faculty
Kym Cadle Kym Cadle
Founder, Pure Ambition


Kym Cadle Kym Cadle
Founder, Pure Ambition
Sandra Buteau Sandra Buteau
President, L2T Global Consulting
Valerie D’Costa Valerie D’Costa
Founder, Circle Coaching and Consulting LLC (Circle)
Tip Fallon Tip Fallon
Fallon Consulting
Patrice Ford Lyn Patrice Ford Lyn
Catapult Consulting
Cliff Kayser Cliff Kayser
Vice President, Polarity Partnerships
Barbara Kapinus Barbara Kapinus
Monique Stevens Monique Stevens
Owner, Pivot Pointe Consulting
Ashley Stewart Ashley Stewart
Executive Director, Talent and Organizational Development at Baltimore City Public Schools
Sherry Ezhuthachan Sherry Ezhuthachan
Leadership Coach

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